The Excel package enhances both the Sonic and Super Sonic models  It includes many of the most popular extras available, as well as some unique features including lightweight composite panels to increase your carrying capacity and the latest aerodynamic mouldings to reduce fuel consumption.

Features included are:

  • Digital Reversing Camera: Makes reversing or hitching a trailer even easier
  • Seat with Storage: Built in seat with handy storage and lift up lid
  • Padded Partition: Additional comfort for your horse
  • Vanity Mirror: For the finishing touches
  • Composite Panels: To maintain strength whilst reducing weight
  • Black Framed Windows
  • New Aerodynamic Design: Reduces drag whilst providing additional storage
  • Padded Partition: Additional comfort for your horse

Popular Extras:   

  • Leather Cab Seats
  • Flush Glazed Windows
  • Storage Rack
  • Tow Bar
  • 90cm Rear Door

(Other extras can be seen on pages 34 -42 in the Equi-Trek brochure)

Paint colour options included in the Excel pack: (Other combinations are available at an extra cost)

Equi-Trek Azzuro-blue -colourEqui-Trek Ruby-red-colourEqui-Trek Bianca-white-colourEqui-Trek Golden-white-colourEqui-Trek Bianca-white-colourEqui-Trek Dragon-blue-colourEqui-Trek Aluminium-silver-colour