The Leisure Vehicle ('LV') Pack

Equi-Trek are delighted to announce that they have now obtained full European Type Approval for 'Motorcaravan' (or Leisure Vehicle 'LV') status on 2 of their most popular models, the Victory/Victory Five (4.5 tonne) and Valiant/Valiant Five (5.0 tonne). This is now available on the new Evolution (7.0 tonne)

This will benefit you as an owner in the following ways:

no speed limiter

1. No speed limiter: The vehicle is only restricted to national speed limits and may travel of speeds up to 70mph on a motorway. Equi-Trek do not advocate travelling at excessive speeds whilst transporting livestock, however there are many occasions when it may be advantageous to the operator (i.e. when travelling unladen)

3rd lane of motorway

2. Use the third lane of a motorway: This is particularly useful at times of severe traffic congestion in the middle lane (i.e. lines of slow moving HGV's). It enables the operator to safely overtake slow moving traffic in the centre lanes thus considerably reducing journey times and stress in your horse.


3. No tachograph: These models used privately do not require a tachograph to be fitted. Please note the standard Victory and Valiant models have full European Type Approval as 'Goods Vehicles' for the business user who is required to use a tachograph by law.

no MOT

4. No MOT for the first three years: After three years, the vehicle can be tested at a normal MOT testing station and does not need to go to a DVSA testing station for a HGV test.

Please note that the legislation quoted here applies exclusively to the United Kingdom and is correct at the time of publication. It is possible the legislation may differ throughout the rest of Europe; it is the operators responsibility to check and adhere to the local law.

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